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Sync issue with new version


New member
Apr 21, 2019

I just downloaded the latest version. I’m seeing something strange. I added the rest facilities to all my fleet but I’m getting a message that my upcoming leg is missing the rest facility. Also, it shows that it has not sync’d since yesterday but the status shows it’s current.

Also, is there a way I can upload my 777 fleet so others can use it? Thanks

Hi Bill,

Screenshots would help, feel free to attach to this thread as you see fit. You can sync manually by tapping Sync on the menu and the text will turn white when everything is synced, yellow when there are changes to be synced.

We have considered crowd sourced data and sharing data as you described but it's not yet implemented.
I dug into the rest facility issue and it only affect flights that already had aircraft assigned to them before upgrading. For all existing flight without aircraft or new flights, the flight's rest facility is assigned when an aircraft is assigned. For any flights that are affected by this issue, you can simply set the Rest Facility for that flight at the bottom of the Leg editor.

I hope that's clear. If not or the issue persists, let us know.