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Sync not working correctly from Android Phone


Dec 13, 2008

I've added 15 flights to logbook pro this week on my Samsung S3. 12 have sync'd across to my laptop but three appear not to have. All the flights are showing as sync'd in the phone and if i look at the sync portal there is nothing left to sync. I have not purged the flights yet. Also the out/ in times have not sync'd across for any of the flights.

Any clues appreciated!

update: I've now found how to resync the whole lot and all flights are showing in my logbook now. The Out ?in times are still not coming across from the mobile device.
Hi Neal. The columns are switched on which is how I knew the data wasn't coming across. I've gone through and done it manually now so i'll try again when I next fly and see what happens.

Doh!! Just sorted it. I was syncing the times as take off / land and not Out / IN. now sorted! Thanks for the quick response though Neal!