Sync. problem


May 22, 2004
Hi there,

I am having trouble syncronizing my PDA and the PC database. In fact the PDA sends info to the PC, however the PC database will not sync. with the PDA.
Yes, I have been through all the postings and have tried the various step by step methods of setting up the connection etc. I have re-loaded active sync, Logbook Pro, both to the PC and PDA.
Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Hi Neal,

Yes, I am using and 1.9.6 repectively and yes, the license code is registered on both.

I am getting this message when I try to establish the database link:

atabase: NCSoftware

option: 1 - Overwrite existing tables
option: 1 - Keep this database synchronized

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

In addition, I have noticed that the following two options are not available on the PDA companion menu:

Import Pocket PC Data

Deleteall items from the Merge Cue


Last first, those items don't appear until there is data sent up. The first part of your error is that the database ALREADY exists on the PPC therefore you cannot recreate the connection. You have to uninstall from the PPC (make sure Logbook Pro is not running first), then delete the Logbook Pro folder from under \Program Files THEN do the installation from ActiveSync. It would also be good to delete the current database connection from the Settings of Pocket Access. Once the prior connection/installation is cleared, you can then do the installation/setup again. Now....back to square 1, you should have been able JUST to install the PPC software and not do any database connection with ActiveSync IF you had already done so. You only have to do this once typically. Installing the software on the PPC does not affect the database connection. You could and would be wise, after installing a PPC update to Purge the PPC data from the Tools menu on the main screen.

Thanks Neal,

However after trying this....still no joy. Again, I can send data from the PDA no problem but for some reason it's not going the other way.

i.e. when I go to Summary Bar (on PDA) for example I end up with NO DATA-Sync Logbook

I have checked all the Settings and Properties on Active Sync and they appear to be correct but there has got to be one small reason why it just won't connect with the Database....incidentally, there is a database shown in My Documents etc.

Is there a way to Sync directly to the Logbook Pro database without going through My Documents etc.?

Sorry to bother you with this issue, but I am quite simply stuck for ideas here.

If there is a database showing in My Documents the installation procedure is incorrect. The database MUST be installed to \Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.cdb as outlined in the documentation. I suggest uninstalling then reinstalling. You can go to the Settings area of Pocket Access and remove the Database connection and reimport to the PDA in the correct location as stated above.

Well, I have now tried just about everything to sort this 'little' problem out with no luck...however along my merry way I have discovered some issues with my PC.
So, how do I go about 'moving' the master files to a new computer and keeping a clone on the old PC?
Once again I appologize for asking these silly questions, but I really do need a bit of help here...makes you wish you were 16 again, dealing with these computers can be just a little frustating at times...not for the kids though!
I really do like your product and I look forward to 'analizing' my 15,000 hrs, but first I really need to sought out this computer issue I guess.



You should only use the Synchronize Wizard IF you are entering information on two computers simultaneously. If you are only using one computer at a time, it is more reliable to backup your data file from one computer, restore it to your other computer, when done, backup, then restore back to the other computer. Please read this article for more information.