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total time and 121 question...


New member
Oct 3, 2002
When I bought Logbook pro, I went thru and copied my paper log onto the computer, entry by entry. However, there is about 15 hours more on the computer now than in my logbook and I've double checked every entry twice and I can't find the problem. Is there anyway to fix this, such as subracting the 15 hours off of the total, while leaving all of the other fields alone? Also, are you working on creating a Pocket PC or Palm program to enter 121 schedules and duty time and all that good stuff? Just curious. Love the program and keep up the good work.
Did you enter this information manually or by using the Import Wizard?

Please submit a support request at www.logbookpro.com or by clicking the Online...Support option within Logbook Pro for instructions on this issue.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.