Trap tracker


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Dec 18, 2007
I'm a navy pilot and I was wondering if there is any way to make a custom column similar to the approach column. Military logbooks have a column with "arrested landings" in it, which I have added to my Logboko Pro log, but I'd like to be able to track which aircraft carriers I actually have the landings on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can use a combination of the custom columns available in the Options...Custom area. Add a "counter" column to track the number of traps and you can add a custom TEXT column (or just use the remarks) to track the carrier names.
I have a text column in place now, but what I was really looking for was a way to keep total numbers of traps on each boat. I was hoping to get something that matches the approach column where I can check a box for a specific boat. I'm trying to do this so I can run a report that will reflect total traps on each boat instead of having to go back and count them up. Thanks.