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Turn Key Printing


New member
Apr 14, 2007
Hi Guys,

I'm currently debating on whether to utilized the turn key printing service or just have a go at it on my own.

My primary question is this. If I choose the turn key option, can I request that they print my other pages in the future w/o having to purchase another binder. Basically, can I request that they simply print pages xx thru xx in the future; instead of paying $250 again for the whole package?


Hello Brian,

Thank you for your inquiry into our turn-key printing service. You can certainly print your logbook yourself, we do not want people to think that because there is a turn-key printing service you cannot do it on your own. The turn-key printing service is for those that don't own a laser printer (ink jet printouts can smear if rained on or high humidity, etc.) and for those that just don't want to hassle with printing. We provide a professional presentation getting you interview ready, or simply producing a high quality printout of your Logbook Pro data, with ease. Just send us a backup of your data, we send you the pages to insert into your purchased binder (sold separately).

The question has come up about follow-on printing, i.e. we print your entire logbook now, what happens in a month when you want to add 5 pages? Good question! We certainly are not going to charge you the full cost of a turn-key printing service job, that just doesn't make sense. Instead, submit your data file in a sales inquiry and we'll give you a quote to print the additional pages. This quote will cover the service time, paper, and shipping to get you the updated product. In the event you want a complete reprint, then in that case, yes, it would require a new turn-key print service order, but for additions to a prior turn-key job, we'll handle this on a case by case basis.

Let me know if this does not answer your questions adequately. If you're ready for us to handle your printing needs, simply purchase the turn-key printing service and send us your backup, we'll send you the professional print job.
Great. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be sending my order shortly.

I absolutely love LGP, I never hesitate to recommend it to a friend looking for an e-logbook. Thanks!