Unable to resize main window


Nov 27, 2001
Recently when I start Logbook Pro (spreadsheet style) The main view is maybe 1/4 it's normal size (full screen) and I am unable to resize it. I can use the logbook, but I have to scroll left to right in order to add any entries beyond the 'route of flight' column. Thanks!
Try resetting the layout in the Spreadsheet Style area. Click the far left icon on the sub-toolbar, choose RESET, restart Logbook Pro.

I've never seen, nor can I find, the sub-toolbar. Also the program is telling me that I have an evaluation copy only?
The sub-toolbar is the second toolbar down when in the Spreadsheet Style area. Click the far left icon 'Logbook Options'. As for the main window, double-click the title bar to ensure it is maximized. If you want to reduce the size, click the icon to the left of the close 'X' on the top right corner, and drag the corner handles to resize the window.

Neal, I am also unable to find a reset button on the page. I've searched every page in the options menu and can't find a reset that effects the logbook entry windows size. The entire page is normal, but the actual entry screen is only about four by six inches.

What am I doing wrong?

BTW, I don't remember the program doing this when I first bought it around Christmas. Ive been involved in a few important work projects and didn't do anything with logbook pro for a while. When I returned to logbook pro, it started giving me the reduced window.


The issue, if I am reading it right, is not with a layout of the actual spreadsheet, but you're saying the 'container' of your spreadsheet is not filling the window area?

I'd like you to try REPAIRing your installation. First of course create a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup). Go to the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove programs area and click the button as if you are going to uninstall Logbook Pro. The first screen that appears, choose the REPAIR option. Reboot and see if the problem persists.

Neal, the first repair changed the 'container' to full length, but width didn't change. I tried repair again. The second attempt fixed it. Now, I have full screen entry, and also the Internet browser opens up full screen. Thanks,

Great news! FYI, this is typically caused by a program that uses the same elements that Logbook Pro depends on. If the other programs don't follow the proper practices for installations they can cause problems on your computer such as forcing an older version of a dependant element to be registered with your operating system which can cause problems. The REPAIR in NC Software applications, which are 'self-healing' allow it to correct such issues which is a great capability. The version 2 series of Logbook Pro is being built under the new .NET Framework by Microsoft and will totally eliminate this from every occuring as all supporting elements are isolated so other installations cannot affect the operation of Logbook Pro. Just in case you would be interested in knowing. Lastly, I have also added provisions in the series that will hopefully resolve some of these issues more 'forcibly' in code.

Thank you for the response in letting me know all is taken care of.