v2.0 - Congratulations!!!


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Jul 17, 2006
Toronto, ON
Hi Neal,

You haven't heard from me in a while on this forum because everything has been working perfectly, but I'm back now to pass on my congratulations (and thanks) on yet another job very well done!!! The additions, improvements, and refinements that have come along with v2.0 are outstanding. The structure of my schedule has yet to allow me the opportunity to try out the new schedule importer, but I look forward to the opportunity soon.

If I were to offer one small criticism, it would only be that I miss the blue app icon (the white is a bit plain). That's honestly the best I can do! ;)

Thanks, and happy holidays!!!



Thank you very much for all your prior feedback and patience which has helped me create the app you have today. I had to deconflict the icons from the version 1 apps (blue for iPhone, green for iPad) so I didn't have too much choice and I kinda like the white!

Have a great New Year and thanks again for the gracious post.
I just had a chance to play around with the schedule importer, and what a SLICK feature it is!!!!! Works flawlessly.
WELL DONE!!!!!!!! :beer:



Thanks Chris! It is very neat to see this technology all come together. It's something we've been building the past several years and it's now being put to use which is great! Wait until you see what we have coming in the next PC product! :) All of this is riding on the architecture we've been developing the last five years, such a neat system! I love the Microsoft .NET technologies, so powerful!