Video - I have watched them now and lilke them a lot


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Sep 27, 2002
Congratulation on a new website. I have watched your videos now and included few comments below as you have requested earlier. I don't seem to find that threat so I have starteda new one.</div>
Most of the comments below are suggestions for improvements. However, before it looks that I’m only complaining about them I must say that after watching your videos I believe that they are much better, faster and easier way to get familiar with Logbook Pro than reading the help files. Good work!!!</o:p></div>
Video comments:</o:p></div>
· My first comment was answered during watching the videos. I was lacking the progress and total time of each video. By a chance I found out that right clicking and de-selecting “Full screen” provided this information. Problem with this was that not all of the display is shown when not in full screen. I solved it by checking the total time in the beginning to get an idea of the length of the video and then watched it in "Full screen" mode. I suggest showing approximate time for each video on the opening screen and mentioning “Full-screen" mode option.</o:p></div>
· I have downloaded all videos with 56k modem. It took few hours but if planned it is not a big deal – click download and go out for dinner.J</o:p></div>
· The whole thing is to
Thank you for the nice words and generous feedback. Yes, I am aware of the audio on the analyzer portion, that was actually done before the concept of a complete video series was born and the recording system was figured out! There are edits in some of the videos, which is what you noticed as well.

As for the questions:

Yes, legs = flights. As for number of rows / entries. You cannot get this directly in Logbook Pro that I can think of at the moment anyway, but, you could export your spreadsheet data to Excel to get that quick number.

Thanks again.