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Nov 19, 2001
Just want to say I'm working my way through the videos. They are awesome. I'm learning things about Logbook Pro that I didn't know before. I had fumbled my way through currencies on my own and got it working but having watched the video on currency, I can make it sing :)

One suggestion, I've never really been 100% clear on the use of History such as what things should I have in there and how to use them properly. I haven't seen anything on history yet in the videos. Mind you I'm only half way through so maybe it's later on but I suspect it would have been covered in the early stages along with Currency. Currency mentioned it very briefly but didn't go into any detail.

Great job, anyone who uses logbook pro would do themselves a great service by watching the videos.

Thanks Jim!

I'm glad the videos help! It's a good feeling arming the users with the full capabilities I've spent a gazillion hours putting into Logbook Pro! There's so much there that I want you all to know about and use, the videos are the perfect way to show you the power and make you feel comfortable with software that may be intimidating to some.

My half'heimers is kicking in and I can't remember the level of detail I covered the History area. History is an area to put anything with an expiration date -- anything! Add the History events, if not already included, in the Options...History area. Add a new item, pick the event, set the date it was accomplished and the date it expires, that's it! Because it can be 'measured' as to whether or not it's expired, it can be used in the currency system. As you probably saw, and a lot of people miss, there is a bar on the bottom right of the currency editor to show the History events, as defined, for adding to a currency configuration.

Keep the feedback coming, good or bad, as this is how Logbook Pro improves - you the customer!

Thanks again!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.