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XP Service Pack 2 Problems?


New member
Oct 1, 2004
After installed XP SP 2 logbook pro has been having problems.

For instance.

After importing a flight log the program returns the 'log book back-up successfully', then 'verify logbook entries' then BLAM it freeze and the crashes.

The data ends up being imported correctly but I am losing confidence in the stability of the program.

Also the automicaltic updating feature will not work and when trying to access help with the the logbook browers the program crashes.



There are no issues with Logbook Pro and Windows XP Service Pack 2. You may have a configuration issue on your machine that's causing a conflict or drivers missing, etc. If you like, create a backup of your data file (File...Archive...Backup) then e-mail the BAK file to support for review.

There have been no other reports of this issue and Logbook Pro is as stable as it has ever been since it's release in 1998. It's rock solid and in use by many with no reports or concerns of this nature.

If you are having problems with the automatic updates, check the configuration of your firewall settings as it may be blocking the automatic update calls. There have been reported conflicts with Zone Alarm and the next revision of Logbook Pro will allow the background updates to be an option instead of built in as it is now. It only delays the program startup, it does not affect stability or operation after the program is started. You can always check for new versions on our web site in the lower portion of the page and we also e-mail update notifications to our Logbook Pro mailing list which can be joined by clicking the 'Mailing Lists' link in the left side menu.