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active sync lost info after new logbook pro


New member
Oct 22, 2005
Running active sync 3.8 and it lost all sync info. no partnerships other than guest after installing logbook pro 1.10. Unistalled apdl single sync . Have tried to reinstall active sync no luck.????????
Had to completely uninstall and reinstall active sync to renew my partnership. Don't know if apdl single sync wiped my partnership info or if logbook pro did. Once I reinstalled had to build a new partnership. However when I unistalled activesync I told it to not delete the files. So i didn't lose anything.

Glad to hear all is better now. Our software installs/uninstalls do not interact with ActiveSync, not sure how that happened, but glad it is resolved.

Hi Neal,

After not using Logbook pro for a year, I decided to go ahead and update my software to 1.9.9. I see what you say about there being no interaction, but I beg to differ. I'm have exactly the same experience as above after my update. After the update I docked my PocketPC to sync and there were no partnerships except guest. I don't know where the fault lies exactly, but I suspect it's definately the update. BTW, I dock the PPC with the desktop and a labtop, but only have LBP on the Desktop. The laptop still syncs fine without any issues so the only x factor was the upgrade of LBP on the desktop. I'll try what wilbrr did and hope that fixes the problem.