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Date problem


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Nov 8, 2002
Running 1.9.5

I noticed on some graphs that I had a mystery year "995" which is obviously one mistaken entry listed as 4/19/995 instead of 4/19/1995. While I can see the details of this one entry in the graphs and logbook print outs I can not see it in the spreadsheet, all dates begin for me with my first legitimate entry in early 1995. I have tried the "find" command and did a search for year 995 entries and it found nothing. I have tried searching for entry numbers less than 1995 and found nothing.

Any way I can get to this entry to amend it to the correct date?


E-mail me a backup of your data file for review. File..Archive..Backup. E-mail to support@nc-software.com

i just don't see that at all... my spreadsheet log is set to 'all data' and sorted by date. the first date entry is 01/16/95 and no matter how i search i can't see 4/28/0995 in any view other than graphs and logbook print outs. i am running 1.9.5 for what it is worth. i totally understand it SHOULD be visible as the first entry with a date of 4/28/0995 but it does NOT appear anywhere in the spreadsheet log.
well the service is great, but i still think i have a bug issue in 1.9.5 as despite several back and forths we had no luck getting the spreadsheet view to show the mistaken entry. i finally fixed it myself with the windows view which did show the error, but hopefully NC can look into this issue for 2.0 even though it certainly isn't a big deal as long as there are work arounds like I found.
I'm not sure how the date didn't show in your spreadsheet, it could be as simple as the column not being wide enough as that's exactly how I found it. I opened your data file, clicked 'Move First' on the enhanced data navigator and I saw the 0995 date right away.

This issue will not be anywhere close to 'an issue' in 2.0, I can promise that, it's a much more advanced system.

Neal, the issue is pretty weird for me. As I said the entry simply didn't EXIST in the spreadsheet view. I could do a sort by date, it wasn't there. I could do a sort by the aircraft tail number and the entry wasn't there. Did a search for the year... nothing, and on and on. Windows view had it right away.

ANYWAY... before I don't make it clear... Logbook Pro is a STELLAR piece of software and I only wish I had started running it 3700 hours ago, but now that I have 90% of my entries up to date applying to some major airlines will be a breeze. I am very pleased.

BTW: Anywhere on your site that has pics or a description of the enhanced features coming in 2.0? I sure am look forward to it...
Thanks for the kind words. Version 2 will not 'sneak out' until it's in public beta. I cannot release timeline or any other information on that product. I suggest concentrate on getting all you can out of version 1 and when version 2 arrives, it will be a welcome surprise. I don't believe in rushing a product, yet making sure when it does release it's solid, stable, user-friendly, useful, and a pleasure to use. Version 1 is in no way obsolete, it keeps getting better, so don't think what you have doesn't do the trick. Okay, almost said too much, we'll leave it at that! :) (thank goodness for backspace!)