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Duplexing Universal format


Dec 11, 2001
I was unable to get the sheets to print out as they would sit in my logbook (page 1 on the left, page 2 with remarks-- (turn page)--back side of 2nd sheet with next set of date/times, corresponding remarks on the next sheet on right side, etc.).

What am I doing wrong, is it possible to duplex to the new perforated sheets so it reads like a book?

Thanks in advance...
First off, when duplex printing, make sure you click the option under the settings button (Reports Sub-Toolbar) to Align for Duplex Printing. This is simply going to alternate pages, page 1 prints, then page 2, then 3, etc. So the left side of your preview report prints first, then the right. Hope this makes sense.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Would this be the 'position for duplex output' option after right-clicking on the report and selecting Report options? I'm not on my duplexing printer right now--but will try tomorrow. Thanks.
Yes, sorry, couldn't remember the exact phrase, but that setting does position the left / right page so it will be perfectly aligned front/back (duplexed). Otherwise the left margins will match on both left and right pages, i.e. for printing on the new MGOent Perforated pages.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.