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PPC sync


Mar 12, 2004
i have read all the files on uninstalling and reinstalling the ppc software. all was working well before i upgraded to 1.9.7. After the upgrade, i put in all the purchase code, uninstalled the PPC software per instructions, reinstalled,entered the purchase code. then i entered test data to see if the synch would work. it worked on the first startup of the LBP software by putting a window in my face that said the data had been incorperated. it was not like 1.9.5 where you have to go to the PDA companion menu. so, then i closed LBP, took the PPC out of the cradle, purged its data, entered new test data, synched, opened LBP andit won't synchfor me.
i have done this twice now with no luck. help!

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

For sync'ing to occur from PDA to PC the PDA registration code must be entered on both the PC and PDA. If sync stops working, I suggest uninstalling from the PPC, delete your partnership in ActiveSync and even go as far as uninstalling/reinstalling ActiveSync 3.7.1 to start fresh.