Time zones - city specific?


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Apr 1, 2007
Are there any plans in a future release of Logbook Pro to enter/edit a list of airports by 3-letter ident / other, to include their GMT time difference, so that the program will calculate correct block times when LOCAL times are input into each airport? The current requirement to either enter zulu or false local times to generate the correct block time is a little awkward.


I don't have any information to share on this as v2 is in development, now slated for an end of year target release date. As we haven't gotten to this area yet, it's TBD and the best thing is to keep your wishes, suggestions, examples of use, in the Wish List forum. The more detail you can give as to your request and why will help sell us on the feature.

We do realize the dilemma of time zones, date handling, etc. and it's one of our biggest issues. Not that there is a problem, it's simply a challenging concept to handle intuitively, i.e. handle the problem AND keep flight logging easy at the same time. We know it is something needing careful attention, it is something that will be researched in depth in the v2 development cycle.