Windows Mobile 6

John Deveaux

Oct 27, 2005
Charlottetown, Canada
Hi Neal:

Just want to ask you before I buy one, I am going to get a Palm Treo. The Treo 750 has Mobile 6 on it and the 700wx has Mobile 5. I know APDL works with Mobile 5 but is it compatible with Windows Mobile 6 yet. Just want to ask before I purchase.

Thanks John
Yes it works but APDL looks terrible and is clunky... the screen won't size right and the WM keyboard pops up every 2 seconds... it makes it virtually unusable on the Treo 750... I have been making it work for 4 months now...

But I am waiting for a logbook program made for iPhone... then I will bail if APDL doesn't support it...

My logbook experience was much much better with APDL on PalmOS Treo